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Welding equipment manufacturing enterprises, have a number to be able to wait until 2020

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With the Related Companies found, so far, welding ( spot welding machine manufacturing industry ), different scale of production and sales enterprise, in 2012 compared with the same period last year, sales are in decline. From 20% to 70%, drop differ. A few original market share is small, the product some characteristic of the enterprise, is still growing.

Then the other industries in China the current situation how?

The stock market, is still in the doldrums, real estate investment gold period apparently has been;

2012 is considered to be the bank profits last supper;

Electronic commerce price war, involved in many traditional industries destiny, often deficit more calls to toss the more fierce;

Steel raw material market, automobile, steel, shipbuilding, heavy machinery and welding related big market, all the way down;

Motorola laid off 4000 people ... ... ;

Actor cruel, potato two video website, competition, have been combined, set up a new excellent brutal white potato group company.

Shuffle, integration, not only in the welding equipment manufacturing industry.

" High-end equipment manufacturing industry " Twelfth Five-Year " development plan " proposed, to 2015, China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry sales revenue will exceed 6 yuan, in the equipment manufacturing industry occupies the ratio will be raised to 15%, the industrial added value rate of 28%.

And now China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the 80% integrated circuit chip manufacturing equipment, 40% large petrifaction equipment, 70% automobile manufacturing of key equipment and advanced intensive agricultural equipment, still rely on imports, with their own brand products under 20%.

Obviously, the policy to encourage manufacturing towards high-end transformation, a lot of opportunities, difficulty is big.

In the welding equipment welding machine manufacturing industry, the size of a little strength of the welding machine manufacturing enterprises, it seems to be largely to enter the field of automation equipment, try to high-end equipment manufacturing field close to the. However, by the impact of the economic downturn, corporate profits decline, coupled with their own various factors, like beautiful transformation, afraid not so easy ... ...

It is said that " Twelfth Five-Year Plan " period, China will also fully use foreign advanced experience for reference, establish the implementation of major technical equipment, cross-regional, cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral coordination mechanism, to co-ordinate the development of equipment manufacturing industry of the relevant policies, organization and coordination of major technical equipment joint research initiatives. In a number of policy guidance, experts predict that by 2020, high-end equipment manufacturing industry will usher in the golden period of growth, become the important component of national economy.

Welding equipment manufacturing industry in the 20 years of emerge of itself and perish of itself, free competition, more rapid development, " Twelfth Five-Year Plan" on the welding industry influence will be great.

2020 not far, spot welding machine manufacturing industry reshuffle will intensify the integration of resources, the existing welding enterprises, how to survive, in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry golden period of growth?

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